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Every Parent Counts

Every Parent Counts is the new workshop and homework programme from Impact in Learning that aims to improve parental confidence in modern calculation methods in order to bring about improvements in pupil attainment. Reflecting recent research and expertise from Edge Hill University's Maths Specialist Teacher course (MaST), the programme guides parents through methods for

counting, adding, subtraction, multiplication and division.  It helps parents to identify where their child is meeting with misconceptions and helps them to support the pupil with homework more effectively.

The workshop includes the following content:

  • Verbal counting
  • 1 to 1 correspondence in counting objects
  • Recognising and ordering numbers
  • Calculations on a 100 square and blank number line
  • Subitising
  • Partitioning and place value
  • Multiplication and division

Every Parent Counts is a two-hour workshop with parents being instructed and preparing resources for the first hour and their children joining them with counting and calculations activities for the second hour.  The children then set homework based on the resources they have created and used, for a five week period.  Parents will have much more confidence to support pupils in their homework following the workshop input.

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